Welkom bij Zwemschool Het Kikkertje!

Het Kikkertje Swimming School provides swimming lessons for children from the age of five under the expert guidance of certified sports teachers. The children are prepared in a playful way to obtain their diplomas in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of the ABC swimming pool. Once a week, for 45 minutes. The lessons are given on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the Zuiderbad, Hobbemastraat 26 (Oud Zuid) in Amsterdam. Hobbemastraat 26 (Oud Zuid) te Amsterdam.  

Swimming school Het Kikkertje is a recognized training institute that is affiliated with the National Swimming Safety Council (NRZ). As mentioned, lessons are taught according to the guidelines and requirements of the NRZ swimming ABC. To obtain nationally recognized swimming diplomas, the goals are focused on water freedom, safety and mastery of swimming strokes. We work towards obtaining the A diploma in five steps (levels). The skills that the children must master per level are described under “Levels Diploma A”. You will find the complete guidelines and requirements of the ABC swimming pool here. hier.